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March 31, 2023 IMG_2442-(1).jpgCaregiving for someone with dementia can be physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. Caregivers must often contend with complex medical and behavioural issues that can be hard to anticipate and manage. Dementia can also cause confusion, memory loss and personality changes, which can make communication and providing care more difficult.
For Suzanne Socken, a Baycrest@Home member, the most challenging part of her caregiver journey has been watching her mother struggle with the continuous loss of her abilities. This has been emotionally taxing and hard to adapt to as the situation is constantly changing. “I have had to find emotional fortitude to cope with the sadness and lack of control over the situation,” she says.
Although there are many challenges along the way, Suzanne cherishes the precious time she has with her mother and is grateful to have the opportunity to care for her. With the support from Baycrest@Home, she has found strength, resilience and hope.
Baycrest@Home helps older adults age safely and well at home, providing clinical expertise, recreational programming and caregiver support. This includes resources for caregivers of those living with dementia—which has been invaluable for Suzanne and her family in learning to be the best caregivers they can be. Not only has it provided them with resources for caregiving, but it has also connected them with others who understand their situation. This connection has provided them with a supportive community, helping them to feel less alone in their journey.
Baycrest@Home also uses technology to offer virtual classes, activities, and support groups, as well as resources for caregivers to learn about dementia and caregiving. It also focuses on the power of music to promote connection and evoke memories in order to bring joy. By providing resources, support, and connection, Baycrest@Home is helping to make caregiving a little bit easier and giving caregivers like Suzanne the strength and resilience to keep going. “My mother has been taking part in classes and activities catered to her by Baycrest@Home since the pandemic began. We also attend caregiver support groups in which we are incredibly thankful for the care and support,” she says.
With Baycrest@Home, Suzanne has found a supportive community and resources to help her care for her mother and make the most of their time together. To learn more, visit
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