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June 27, 2016 Last week, the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) unveiled the new Launchpad Studio at Baycrest Health Sciences.

Bianca Stern, executive director of health innovations at CC-ABHI, says that clients, caregivers and healthcare providers often have unique insights on health care, health system challenges, and what it takes to sustain well-being as one ages. She adds that they often do not have access to innovators and industry experts researching and creating solutions for these challenges.

“This new public space is a great venue for CC-ABHI’s partners to collaborate with our clients and their families, caregivers, health professionals, and researchers so that their insights can shape and inform the solutions created by these innovators,” says Stern.

Ontario College of Art and Design University students Zoe Worsnip, Melody Gamble and Paola Aguila attended the Launchpad’s opening on June 21 to showcase their latest inventions. Their projects were designed to assist people with different types of arthritis and included a toothbrush, tea set, package opener and paintbrush kit.

“There’s a stigma in creative practices that says you need to create things in a specific way,” says Gamble. “All of our designs accommodate all users, so anyone can use them.”

Ran Manor from Hip-Hope Technologies also attended the event to demonstrate his company’s active-hip protector system. “We’re applying to be a CC-ABHI partner,” says Manor. “We hope to access the centre’s leading-edge testing facility, funding and work with the wide variety of clients at Baycrest. We feel this is a perfect match for our company.”

To see the full calendar of Launchpad Studio events, visit CABHI’s website.

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Ran Manor, Hip-Hope Technologies, CC-ABHI

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To see more photos from the event, visit Baycrest’s Facebook page.
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