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Some seniors who suffer from anxiety and mood disorders such as depression need a structured routine along with therapy, medication management and education to help them thrive in the community and avoid hospitalization. The Psychiatric Day Program at Baycrest offers a multi-component, holistic approach to treatment that includes group therapy and medication management on an outpatient basis for three to four months. Participants learn to better manage the signs and symptoms of their mental illness, develop coping and daily living skills, and practise a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, individual therapy may be offered.

Our interprofessional services include:
  • assessment and diagnosis
  • treatment including medication management and non-pharmacological approaches such as psychotherapy, relaxation and breathing techniques
  • problem-solving therapy and goal-setting
  • group-based counselling/therapy
  • group interventions/activities

This program receives funding from the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

Myth: Individual psychotherapy is better than group psychotherapy.
Fact: Research shows group psychotherapy to be equally as effective as individual psychotherapy in the treatment of depression.