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Many people find it difficult to navigate the health, long-term care and social service system. If you need information to help you make informed decisions for yourself or a loved one, Baycrest’s Seniors Counselling and Referral Service can help you get started.

  • Information and Referral Services to older adults, their family members, community members and other service providers.
  • Counselling and support for older adults and their families, helping them cope with the stresses of aging, illness or disability.
  • Navigation and Access support. Social workers will help clients and their families identify their service and support needs, develop an effective service plan and provide on-going follow-up.
  • Caregiver Support and Education groups through the Koschitzky Support Centre for Family Caregivers and Older Adults. Social workers offer information, consultation, counselling and education supports.

Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.