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Dr. Claude Alain

Dr. Claude Alain

Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute

Professor, Department of Psychology & Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Toronto

Research Focus

Cognitive Neuroscience Aging & Brain Health Alzheimer's & Related Dementias

I am maintaining a successful program of research in cognitive neuroscience of auditory perception and aging, particularly in terms of generating and integrating new research approaches to theories of cognitive function. My research group was one of the first to provide evidence of the “what” and “where” pathways in the human auditory system. This dual pathway model is a widely accepted model for investigating the impact of age, hearing loss, and noise on speech comprehension. Our research also aims to identify the core processes enabling perception, attention, and memory for auditory information, and to develop a comprehensive theory of auditory attention. It builds on our past achievement in formulating the theory of object-based auditory attention and showing that musical training lessens age-related decline in cognition, which affords potential for the development of interventions that capitalize on musical activities.

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