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The goals of the Ben & Hilda Katz Inter-Professional Research Centre in Geriatric and Dementia Care are:
  • To build capacity for inter-professional research at Baycrest
  • To promote scholarly activity among Baycrest clinicians
  • To embed inter-professional research into clinical practice.
Led by the Katz Program, an inter-professional team at Baycrest tested the Safely You falls prevention project, in which cameras linked to an artificial intelligence system were placed in the rooms of residents of the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged at Baycrest. This not only alerted staff immediately when residents fell, but also allowed clinical staff to see why and how residents fell, so that measures could be put into place to prevent future falls. This was collaboration among innovators, Katz researchers, clinical staff and IT, among others.
The Centre is directed by Dr. Nicole Anderson, a clinical neuropsychologist and Senior Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute (RRI), and includes Dr. Amanda Grenier, a Senior Scientist at the RRI and the Norman and Honey Schipper Chair in Gerontological Social Work.