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Baycrest’s Kunin-Lunenfeld Centre for Applied Research & Evaluation (KL-Care) recognizes that healthcare professionals and clinical researchers often face capacity challenges when attempting to balance their clinical responsibilities and access resources. The KL-CARE team provides clinicians, researchers, and industry partners within and outside of Baycrest with expertise, services, and capacity that span the research spectrum.

KL-CARE is overseen by the Research and Medical Services portfolios and is sponsored by both portfolio vice-presidents, respectively. Currently, KL-CARE is managed by the Director of Research, Innovation & Translation.

By providing valuable specialized research support for Baycrest clinicians, researchers and educators in one place,  KL-Care helps to improve care practices at the bedside; develops and delivers new programs that enhance clients’ access to care; or provides evidence of the tangible impact of solutions, programs, or care practices on the quality of life of older adults.

KL-Care’s interdisciplinary approach and collaborative model of research have allowed KL-CARE staff to integrate themselves into the fabric of applied research and program evaluation projects across the medical and clinical services, education, and innovation portfolios.

Services include:

Research design and implementation

  • Study design
  • Research Ethics Board submissions
  • Participant recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Project management

Analysis and statistical consulting

  • Data management
  • Statistical programming
  • Analysis planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis

Education and training

  • Research capacity improvements
  • Research skill development
  • Training sessions for clinical researchers
  • Clinical and research partnership creation

Knowledge dissemination

  • Manuscript development
  • Poster and presentation preparation
  • Program and technology evaluation report writing

Learn more about KL-Care’s latest achievements by reading our annual report.

If you are an individual, a business, or an organization committed to finding solutions that enhance the quality of life, well-being, and health of older adults, KL-CARE can support your research initiatives. Contact Dr. Rosanne Aleong for more information.