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Welcome all students and trainees!

Each year, we welcome over 1,400 students and trainees from over 22 health professions. Our academic partnerships with the University of Toronto and other universities and colleges across Canada, the USA and beyond allow us to provide educational experiences to undergraduate and graduate students from a wide array of professions both clinical and non-clinical.

The Centre for Education strives to make Baycrest the destination of choice for students & trainees.

Here’s what students told us this year when asked about their experience at Baycrest:

  • 96% felt welcome and accepted as part of the team
  • 90% received appropriate assistance to address any questions or concerns they had about their placement
  • 94% had the opportunities to apply the learned theory/knowledge from school to practical situations
  • 94% would recommend Baycrest as a placement to their fellow student/trainee
  • 92% would recommend their preceptor(s)/supervisor(s) for future student/trainee placements at Baycrest



Student Testimonials

Baycrest has a great working environment and I have always truly loved it here. There are many great scientists here who have a wealth of research experience, which is ideal for a trainee with a lot to learn! We also have access to a lot of great research facilities. The community is extremely warm and helpful! Walking through the halls of Baycrest, you will notice all the lovely artwork that really brightens things up. I feel truly fortunate to be a student at Baycrest!

- Daniela Palombo, PhD Candidate
University of Toronto

I completed both of my Co-op work terms at Baycrest; the first one involved neuropsychological assessment and the second focused on cognitive rehabilitation. I found that the staff encouraged new learning, and I was always surrounded by other students who I could confer and share with. I gained experience with varied clients during both work terms, and also felt empowered that I could help them by providing knowledge or promoting their autonomy. The experience has also aided me in feeling more comfortable within a multidisciplinary environment. I feel that the skills I’ve gained at Baycrest apply to many situations and would be an asset to students interested in health care.

Ashwini Persaud
University of Toronto at Scarborough Honours Bachelor of Science (Co-operative Psychology Specialist Program- Behavioural Disorders Stream)

Baycrest provided a rich learning environment to apply my classroom knowledge to practical situations. Staff and residents were welcoming, helpful and created a comfortable space to expand my understanding of music therapy. I will take the skills I have learned from this valuable summer internship into my future professional work.

Emily Carruthers
Wilfrid Laurie University