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Founded by the Jewish community and guided by the principles embedded within our faith, heritage and culture, Baycrest is committed to pursuing its mission and achieving its vision through compassion, advocacy, respect, innovation, and a sustained focus on achieving excellence.


comes from caring relationships that are promoted and nurtured through a culture of sensitivity, understanding, trust, and integrity.


is essential in promoting change and socially responsible choices that are sensitive to the needs of older adults and is best achieved through a strong collective voice of clients, families, staff, volunteers, and community partners.


comes with the understanding that each person is unique, with intrinsic dignity and worth.


is in Baycrest’s DNA. We have always been driven by relentless curiosity about how to provide better care and better opportunities for the aging population.


is achieved when we reach beyond what was ever thought possible through inquiry, discovery, and lifelong learning.  We apply this to all the work that we do to ensure the highest quality of care and an exceptional experience for the people we serve.  


Vision and Mission


A world where every older adult enjoys a life of purpose, inspiration and fulfilment.


  • We provide exemplary health and residential care by partnering with a diverse community of older adults, families and caregivers to compassionately address each individual’s unique needs, ambitions, priorities and values.
  • We deliver a highly personalized and comprehensive approach to wellness promotion and health care because of the dedication and talent of our staff and our passionate commitment to education, research, innovation and quality improvement.
  • We bring unique value to our health care system as a dedicated collaborator offering novel solutions that address the challenges of an aging society, while providing opportunities to improve the lives of older adults.
  • We are firmly guided by the deeply held values of our Jewish heritage, and are inspired by the remarkable contributions of our diverse community of volunteers and generous donors.

Founded in 1918 as the Jewish Old Folks Home, Baycrest continues to embrace the long-standing tradition of all great Jewish healthcare institutions to improve the wellbeing of people in their local communities and around the globe.