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Volunteers will always play a key role at Baycrest


Please note: At this time, onboarding of new volunteers is on hold. While we are not processing new volunteer applications, you are welcome to submit an online application and we will notify you when onboarding begins again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Volunteers are involved in virtually every area across campus and are essential to Baycrest’s ability to deliver excellence in care, education, innovation and research. On average, Baycrest’s 2,000 volunteers spend 90,000 hours each year collectively donating their time to engage with clients, patients and staff.

Every volunteer assignment is diverse and meaningful,  reflecting the volunteer’s passion and expertise. Some volunteers spend time socializing with clients, others provide eating assistance, participate in art, music and recreational activities and even participate in research projects.

However you volunteer with Baycrest, we work hard to make it a rewarding experience for you.

The Volunteer Voice is produced once a year for volunteers at Baycrest.