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We are pleased to share the Apotex and Hospital 2021/22 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) with our residents, patients, clients, caregivers, staff and members of our community. Aligned with our Inspired Aging strategic plan, the QIP describes the key improvements aimed at providing an exceptional person centred health experience across our programs and services.

Although Ontario Health paused the formal Quality Improvement Plan requirements for this year, it is important that we continue our quality journey and relentless focus on improvement. As we do each year, we select our annual improvement priorities considering several important factors including:

  • Feedback from residents and families through quality of life and experience surveys;
  • Safety priorities identified through safety reporting, critical incidents and risk analysis;
  • Geriatric best practices;
  • Legislative requirements; and
  • Accreditation Canada required organizational practices and standards.

This year has been unlike any other and as our staff and physicians work tirelessly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot lose sight of the improvement opportunities that contribute to providing exceptional care and experience. We also acknowledge the tremendous effort required for any quality improvement initiative and so both improvement plans reflect a number of considerations unique to fiscal year 2021/22 and recognize the importance of being flexible in our improvement approach and responsive to emerging priorities.

You can review a summary of our 2021-22 quality improvement goals here:


The Excellent Care for All Act, 2010 also requires that compensation of the executive team be linked to achievement of some performance targets in the Quality Improvement Plan. The Board of Directors developed and approved the performance-based compensation plan.