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Welcome to the Behavioural Support for Seniors Program.

The Behavioural Support for Seniors Program (BSSP) enhances quality of care and life for people struggling with, and demonstrating, responsive behaviours as a result of mental health, dementia, neurological conditions and brain injuries.

This program is for seniors, their families and caregivers, who are living at home or in long-term care homes.

The BSSP is made up of specialized behavioural programs including:

  • community outreach team
  • long-term care outreach team
  • long-term care embedded behaviour leads
  • geriatric addictions specialist for long-term care
  • caregiver specialist for long-term care
  • acute care transition resource team
  • transitional behavioural unit
  • crisis mobile services
  • an education and training consortium
  • BSSP Coordination Office and hotline

The program is also partnering with local agencies such as the Ontario Health Toronto Region and other regional and provincial and other regional and provincial agencies to help streamline the system for Ontario seniors, their families and caregivers.

Baycrest is proud to be the health services lead for the Behavioural Support for Seniors Program as appointed by Ontario Health Toronto Region.

Visit the program services page for fact sheets, referral forms, and FAQs.

For additional resources and information visit the helpful links page.