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The Training & Simulation team provides both internal and external workshops focused on geriatric care. Workshops are tailored to the needs of the learners and smaller workshops can be combined into larger sessions. We apply a systematic approach to all our curriculum design. Experiential, team-based learning and interprofessional competencies are integrated to foster discovery, critical thinking, communication and solution-focused team responses. In our training we use engaging educational tools such as simulation, gamification, arts-based learning and role playing. 

To contact the Training & Simulation team about bringing our workshops to you, please contact Meaghan Adams at or call 416-785-2500 ext. 2955.

Here are examples of some workshops / topics that we provide:

Frail Aging Simulation

A frail aging suit is used to simulate physical and sensory changes that can occur with aging.  This is paired with cognitive simulations/tasks to enhance the experience.  This simulation was created to develop empathy towards older adults with and without dementia.

Virtual Reality Dementia Simulation

Virtual Reality (VR) dementia simulation is a project designed to develop empathy within a simulated environment through technology. Viewers experience first-hand a scenario from the perspective of a person living with dementia.

Listen to our Digital Learning at Baycrest in Toronto podcast.

Trigger Room

An experiential workshop that focuses on perspective taking and teamwork.

Responsive Behaviours

A workshop that combines interactive didactic components, trigger videos and live simulation to teach learners how to recognize, reflect and respond to responsive behaviours on older adults with dementia.


The 8A’s of Dementia

A workshop that combines interactive didactic components, trigger videos and gamification to teach learners how to recognize, reflect and respond to 8 common features associated with dementia.


Communication with Older Adults

This workshop incorporates blended learning to address the normal aging changes in hearing, speech, voice, language and cognition. There is a focus on strategies to facilitate best communication with older adults.

Interprofessional Collaboration and Teamwork

This workshop focuses on the important elements necessary for good collaboration.  There is an emphasis on what makes an effective team and the importance of understanding who is on your team.

Trigger Videos, Scenario Writing, and more

Staff from the Training and Simulation team will work with you to develop scenarios that include briefing, activity and debriefing.  Where appropriate we can work with you to produce “trigger videos” for specific scenarios that can be used for education/training of your staff and team members.