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You or your loved one may have recently been referred to Baycrest for treatment, residency, examination or consult. This page contains much of the information you will need about becoming part of the Baycrest family as a client, resident, caregiver, or family member. Please click on one of the links below for more information.

“Baycrest” to appear on caller ID

Baycrest Called IDAs of October 1, 2019, calls from Baycrest will no longer appear on caller IDs as "No Caller ID,” but rather as "Baycrest." This decision was made as a result of feedback from clients and families, who have indicated that calls appearing as “No Caller ID” are often mistaken for telemarketers or wrong numbers, and the calls may be declined or not answered. By having calls appear as “Baycrest,” clients, families, volunteers and staff can make the correct determination about answering the call.