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We will create a highly effective culture of innovation, supported by organizational structures and activities that catalyze novel collaborations between our clinical, research, educational and corporate support areas. — Baycrest Strategic Plan 2018-2023
The Baycrest Innovation Office, BaycrestIO, is the preferred initial point of contact for Baycrest staff and members of industry seeking support in advancing innovation at Baycrest. BaycrestIO will assess novel ideas, innovations and technologies, and guide, track and support their development of progress, with the goal of dissemination, adoption, and potential commercialization. Comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in health innovation and adoption, the BaycrestIO team will prioritize, coordinate and celebrate all efforts in innovation. As well, BaycrestIO will work with CABHI, CLRI, KL-CARE and RRI to catalyze novel collaborations.


Identify best practices and technologies from across the globe that improve the standard of care at Baycrest and facilitate their implemation.


Track and monitor the progress of the progress of the idea's development, maintaining a record of intellectual property (IP) disclosures.


Organize and coordinate events with staff initiatives and the global health community to share knowledge and support health innovation.