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Hospital Room Accommodation Options: FAQ’s

Baycrest is pleased to offer you various accommodation options for the duration of your stay. During admission, a finance representative will ask you to make a request for your preferred accommodation.

Choices Include:
  • Standard Ward (4 beds per room, 1 shared bathroom)
  • Semi-Private (2 beds per room, 1 shared bathroom)
  • Private (1 bed per room, private bathroom)
  • What are the costs?
      Standard Ward Semi Private* Private*
    Active Rehabilitation
    (3 WEST)
    OHIP $230.00 / day $265.00 / day
    Complex Continuing Care
    (3E, 4W, 5E, 5W, 6E)
    Subject to CCC/ALC Co-payment $52.00 / day $87.00 / day
    Palliative Care
    (6 WEST)
    OHIP $52.00 / day $87.00 / day
    Slow Stream Rehabilitation
    (7 East)
    OHIP $52.00 / day $87.00 / day
    (4 EAST)
    OHIP - $265.00 / day


    *Rates subject to change

  • How can I request a Semi-Private or Private room?
    During admission, a finance representative will explain the Hospital accommodation options and request for you to indicate your room preference. You will also be asked to sign our Hospital admission package and provide a credit card or void cheque for monthly payments.
  • If I am admitted to a Semi-Private or Private room, but request a Standard Ward room, will I be charged for the time I am in the Semi-Private or Private room?
    A ward room will be offered to you as soon as it is available. At that time, you will be given the option to move into the ward room or remain in your current accommodation. If you move to the ward room, you will not be charged for your time in the semi-private or private room. If you refuse to move into the ward room, you will be charged the applicable semi-private or private room rate starting from the first day you were placed in your requested accommodation.
  • Will I be able to reserve the room of my choice?
    Your room choice is not guaranteed, but we will make every effort to provide you with the room accommodation that you have requested. Hospital accommodations are assigned based on medical necessity and bed availability.
  • What if you are unable to accommodate my request for a Semi-Private or Private room?
    If you stay in a room that is different from the type of room you requested, you will only be billed for the type of room you actually stay in (or the type of room you requested, whichever is less). For example, if you have requested a private room, but only a Semi-Private is available when you are admitted, you will only be charged the Semi-Private room rate.
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns about room accommodations?
    For any questions or concerns with regards to room accommodations, please contact the finance department on the second floor of the hospital building. You can also call the hospital finance representative at (416) 785-2500 ext. 2532.