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Baycrest Hospital is committed to being open, transparent and accountable to you – our patients and clients, visitors and community. As part of that commitment, we are pleased to make available our:

Hospital Service Accountability Agreement (H-SAA)

Baycrest Hospital's agreement with Ontario Health maintains current service levels and allows us to continue providing a broad range of high quality clinical programs and services to our community and beyond.

H-SAA Agreements

H-SAA Extending Letter 2024-2025
H-SAA Extending Letter 2023-2024
H-SAA Extending Letter 2022-2023
H-SAA Extending Letter 2021-2022
H-SAA Amending Agreement 2020
H-SAA Amending Agreement 2019-2020

H-SAA Declarations of Compliance

HSAA Declaration of Compliance 2022-2023
HSAA Declaration of Compliance 2021-2022

Long-Term Care Service Accountability Agreement (L-SAA)

The L-SAA outlines our responsibilities, sets activity and financial targets, lays out expectations for ongoing development and service delivery and provides benchmarks so that we can measure our performance year over year. The L-SAA focuses on accountability and performance in our long-term care home and is an integral component to the ongoing effort to improve health system performance and provide high-quality, resident-centred care.

L-SAA Agreements

L-SAA Extending Letter 2024-2025
L-SAA Agreement 2023-2024
L-SAA Extending Letter 2022-2023
L-SAA Agreement 2019-2022

L-SAA Declarations of Compliance

L-SAA Declaration of Compliance 2023
L-SAA Declaration of Compliance 2022
L-SAA Declaration of Compliance 2021

Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA)

This agreement enables Ontario Health to provide funding to Baycrest for the provision of services. It supports a collaborative relationship between Ontario Health and our organization to improve the health of Ontarians through better access to high quality health services, to co-ordinate health care in local health systems and to manage the health system at the local level effectively and efficiently.

M-SAA with Ontario Health

M-SAA Extending Letter 2024-2025
M-SAA Agreement 2023-2024
M-SAA Extending Letter 2022-2023
M-SAA Agreement 2019-2022

M-SAA Declaration of Compliance

M-SAA Declaration of Compliance 2022-2023
M-SAA Declaration of Compliance 2021-2022

These documents outline our performance obligations and the resources in which we have pledged to deliver care.