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As a public, not-for-profit organization, we take our financial responsibilities seriously and follow standard practices for using a procurement card, and reimbursement for travel and expenses. By ensuring that public money is spent appropriately, we enhance the strength of our organization. The following documents demonstrate our fiscal accountability and have been posted in accordance with provincial law, and invite you to review our policies. Reimbursement of business expenses

As part of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 (BPSAA), all public sector organizations are required to post the Reimbursement of Business Expenses Policy.

Baycrest complies with directives issued under the BPSAA to ensure our organizational practice is in alignment with provincial standards.

Financial statements

Attestations – Broader Public Sector Accountability Act


Responsibility of the management of Baycrest’s procurement process, including the acquisition, distribution, control and disposal of goods, services and equipment necessary to support the activities of the organization, is shared by Baycrest and Shared Services West. Bids for Baycrest can be found at Biddingo or Bonfire. These services are free to the public with an option to sign up for a subscription to receive regular updates on the procurement activity of the organization and our procurement partners.

Executive Expenses