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Baycrest is dedicated to improving the journey of aging in a compassionate and innovative, responsible and efficient manner. As a world leader in innovations in aging, we embrace principles of transparency and accountability and are proud to be part of a system in Ontario that is focused on privacy, accountability and transparency.

Effective January 1, 2012, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) applies to hospitals and aims to enhance transparency and public accountability. 

FIPPA is composed of two components of equal weight:

Access: to provide the public a right of access to a diverse range of hospital information
Privacy: to protect individuals’ personal information collected and used by hospitals


The legislation applies to all information held by Baycrest Hospital from January 1, 2007 onward and governs how certain types of information is collected, used or disclosed. The act applies to any records in the hospital’s custody or control. Upon request, Baycrest Hospital will provide records subject to limited exceptions described in the act. Find out more about information disclosure.

Please note: Personal health information is not ordinarily accessed through the freedom of information process. If you are seeking access to your health records, please click here.

There are many ways to access Baycrest information. Submitting an access request under FIPPA may be a helpful alternative if you cannot retrieve your desired records through the following avenues first:

  • Explore our website
  • Consider requesting the information informally. You can contact the department or area of the hospital that you think may have the information you are looking for. You will be assisted with your request and told whether the information can be provided to you informally, or whether you will have to submit a freedom of information request.