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Hearing and communicating are vital components of our daily lives, helping us to shop and bank, visit the doctor, socialize with friends and family, and live independently and safely.

That’s why it’s so important to have your hearing tested and to get the right advice if you have hearing loss.

At Baycrest Hearing Services, our experienced audiologists work with adults of all ages to assess their hearing ability and offer individualized solutions for hearing loss. We also have a clinical focus in treating clients with age-related hearing loss, which affects about two-thirds of older adults.

Our team is here to provide the best strategies to optimize your ability to hear and help you stay healthy and connected.
As a global leader in healthcare research and innovation, all client care at Baycrest is based on current best practice procedures and integrates findings from the latest research. The Audiologists are involved in clinical research projects highly relevant to current health care concerns, including:
  • studying the relationship between hearing and cognition and the development of next and best Audiology practices for clients with both hearing and cognitive loss.
  • developing new community-based service delivery models for seniors who have difficulty accessing existing services.

Download the AST Speaker Series Talk – Mind your hearing: The link between our ears, brain and dementia here.