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The Department of Culture and Arts therapeutic recreation team provides meaningful leisure for all Baycrest clients, regardless of their level of ability. Through skilled and evidence-informed facilitation, our recreation therapists provide personalized culture and arts interventions to holistically support clients’ current interests, needs and abilities. Our goal is to provide clients with a supportive environment to grow, learn and explore their leisure lifestyle through the arts, and enhance overall well-being in all five domains (physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual). The programs we currently offer service Baycrest Hospital and the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged through virtual, in-person and hybrid programs to allow all clients to participate freely and to their full potential.
Current Programs:
  • Sharing Dance Older Adults
  • Music Share for Seniors
  • Concerts
  • Expressive Arts
  • Art Appreciation
  • Expressive Movement
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Story-telling
  • Travelogue
  • Gardening
Current Team Members
Janet Jackson – Therapeutic Recreationist
Cindy Kaizer – Therapeutic Recreation Specialist – Certified
Gloria Lipski – Music Therapist
Anne Max – Holocaust Program Coordinator
Robert McMahon – Manager
Sharlene Milgram – Administrative Support Secretary
Chrissy Pearson – Music Therapist
Meghan Richardson – Arts Project Coordinator
Emily Sitter – Art in Health Coordinator
Justine Stehouwer – Music Therapist
Susanna Whaley – Creative Arts Worker
Jessica Winter – Museum Coordinator
Sara Naimpour – Media Production and Content Management Specialist
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