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We provide a vast range of educational placement experience at Baycrest. Placement or clinical rotation is negotiated between the Professional Practice Advisors (PPA) and the Program Coordinator at your academic institution.

We provide placements in the following areas:

About Placement at Baycrest

For all student placements at Baycrest, a current Affiliation Agreement must be in place. An affiliation Agreement is a formal agreement that is designed between Baycrest and an Academic Institution to allow students from the institution to come to Baycrest for Academic placement (clinical and non-clinical placement). To access a student placement at Baycrest, you must be a student registered in any of our affiliated universities or colleges
If there is no Affiliation Agreement, a written request from your institution should be sent to the Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging regarding a placement at Baycrest. This must be done at least 3 months prior to the placement start date.
To determine if your institution has an affiliation agreement with us please contact your academic institution directly.

Please note that we do not accept independently organized placements/rotations. All requests must be submitted by the university or college education coordinator/manager.
  • Step 1: Arranging A Placement


    Every year, over 700 nursing students obtain their clinical training at Baycrest where they learn and develop their clinical skills.

    Request for placement is arranged and sent by your university or college to the nursing contact at Baycrest.

    Notifications are sent to the schools to confirm placements via email/HSPNet. Institutions without HSPNet need to fill out the Nursing Placement Form and then email the request to

    The timeline for arranging nursing student placement is as follows:

    Placements Deadlines for submission requests: Schools will be notified:
    Fall June 15 July 15
    Winter October 15 November 15
    Spring/Summer February 15 March 15


    Request for clinical rotation or elective is arranged by your academic institution and negotiated between the academic institution and the discipline contact to identify a suitable supervisor. See the Baycrest Medical discipline contacts.

    For medical students

    All visiting elective students (those not from University of Toronto) must register directly with the Visiting Electives Office at the University of Toronto.

    For residents

    All visiting elective residents (those not from University of Toronto) must also register directly with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office at the University of Toronto. 

    Additional information

    Allied Health Professions

    If you are a student seeking a placement or clinical rotation at Baycrest, please contact the applicable professional discipline. Placement or clinical rotation is negotiated between the Professional Practice Advisors (PPA) and the Program Coordinator at your academic institution with the student.

    • Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
    • Spiritual Care/Chaplaincy
    • Clinical Nutrition
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
    • Rehabilitation
    • Social Work


    Placement for students in the non-clinical profession is arranged and negotiated between the academic institution and the discipline contact to identify a suitable supervisor. Please send email to

  • Step 2: New Student Registration
    If your school has not confirmed your placement with Baycrest, please contact your student placement coordinator immediately.

    If your school has confirmed your placement with Baycrest, you must register through Baycrest’s Student Registration System.

    You will receive an automated e-mail with your login ID and temporary password to the Student Registration System upon approval of your placement.

    All registration must be complete prior to the first day of placement to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • Step 3: Welcome Guide

    Please select the appropriate handbook below:

  • Step 4: General Orientation
    Your on-site orientation will take place on your first day at Baycrest. This will include a tour of Baycrest, obtaining your ID badge, locker assignments and all other required access. 
  • Step 5: First Day at Baycrest
    a. Attend onsite orientation
    b. Submit all required documents to Academic Education
    c. Obtain a tour of Baycrest
    d. Obtain Parking (if required)
    • Please park in the main parking lot
    • Purchase your parking pass at the cashier’s desk located in the Financial Services office located on the 2nd floor of the hospital building. The office is open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Students are responsible for all financial costs related to transportation and parking.
    e. Obtain other training (e.g. Meditech and/or PCC if required)
  • Step 6: Your Last Day at Baycrest
    At the end of your student placement, we highly recommend that students complete our learner experience survey. The link to complete this survey will be e-mailed to you on your last day of placement. Baycrest values feedback from students about their educational experience and your feedback helps us evaluate and improve educational experiences for all students who come to Baycrest.