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The Alpha Omega Dental Centre at Baycrest is open to adults who live in the community, at Baycrest, other long-term care homes, assisted living residences and hospitals.

The knowledgeable dental care team provides a full range of services from assessments and cleaning to dentures and surgery. What makes us unique is our focus and experience in caring for people who have complex medical conditions, frailty, physical challenges or cognitive difficulties such as dementia.

The state-of-the-art centre practises evidence-based geriatric dentistry and is a leading training centre, affiliated with the University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry.
  • The Centre Includes:
    • 4 large private operatories
    • 2 wheelchair lifts
    • Lab and sterilization facilities
    • Comprehensive imaging suite
    • Patient friendly consultation space for family members

Making a Difference in our Community

"It's so convenient for me to get dental care at Baycrest in an environment I know is specific to the needs of seniors." - Helen Knight, resident, Terraces of Baycrest

The Alpha Omega Dental Centre draws clients from within Baycrest and accepts referrals from long-term care homes, assisted living residences, hospitals and dentists unable to adequately care for this population. It improves the capacity of all dentists to care for the geriatric population by:
  • Providing consultative support to dentists in the community
  • Conducting research and publishing findings
  • Accepting patients who cannot be accommodated in general practice

Dentists who wish to volunteer or learn more about geriatric dentistry are welcome.

A referral is not always necessary but referrals are required for clients under the care of a physician and can be faxed to 416-785-2858.

Dental Centre Referral Form

Fees are charged in accordance with the current fee guide of the Ontario Dental Association. Payment is due at the time of treatment.

The Baycrest Dental Centre was founded in 1954 by Dr. Reuben Brown.