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Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Vision

Baycrest embraces and celebrates our community’s unique heritage and diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a culture of inclusiveness across all dimensions of diversity. We are committed to creating an environment that is inclusive, equitable and welcoming. At Baycrest, inclusion is how we unleash the potential of our diversity; equity is how we identify and remove barriers that could limit an individual’s ability to realize their maximum potential. We strive to make our people feel a sense of belonging to a workplace where they are treated and respected as full members of our Baycrest community.

Our Commitment

We will acknowledge and honour the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We believe that it is the differences in people that make us stronger, and because of our differences, we have the potential to enrich our quality of work-life, foster innovation and obtain better outcomes for
our clients.

We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that
respects diverse traditions, identities, heritages and experiences. We will
ensure that the workplace, including all policies, procedures and practices, is
free of deliberate or unintentional barriers so that no one is disadvantaged.
We will work together to create an environment that respects all persons,
where barriers that limit an individual’s ability to realize their maximum
potential do not exist.

Guided by our Baycrest values of compassion, advocacy, respect and
excellence, we will advocate for our belief in the inherent value of all
individuals, and in so doing, will treat all people with respect and dignity.
We will strive to create and foster a supportive, safe and understanding
environment in which all individuals can realize their maximum potential,
regardless of their differences.