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Older adults now outnumber children in Canada and that gap will continue to grow.

As the population ages, brain health is top of mind as dementia remains a looming concern.

For the past century, Baycrest has been at the forefront of specialized care that enriches the lives of older adults. Research can be found in every area of the campus thanks to Baycrest’s unique intersection of care, research, innovation and education where our staff work side by side to bring diagnostic tools and treatments related to brain health and aging from the lab to the point of care.

Baycrest researchers and clinicians created Cogniciti, a free, private, online, science-based brain health test to help adults 40 and older answer whether their memory is normal or if they should see a doctor. Our Memory and Aging Program is one of the few clinically-validated, gold standard brain health workshops for healthy older adults that helps seniors take control of their memory change experience and optimize their brain health. Baycrest researchers offer train-the-trainer workshops for their Goal Management Training® program for rehabilitation of executive function, which affects our ability to complete everyday activities, for illnesses such as stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia.

Baycrest is proud to lead scientific efforts that will one day relieve the burden of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease.