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Do you have a loved one moving into the Apotex? A Baycrest family mentor can help make this experience a little easier for you. Our mentors have been through the same experience themselves and they are here to provide a friendly welcome and support during the settlement period and beyond. 

An Apotex Family Mentor is someone who has gone through the experience of moving a loved one into Baycrest’s Apotex, Jewish Home for the Aged. Family mentors are available on each floor of the Apotex and can help make the experience of moving a little easier and are available whenever there is a need. The program is provided by Baycrest volunteers and is a free service.

This is what a family mentor will do:
  • Speak with you before and after admission day
  • Provide a friendly ear and answer your questions
  • Share their knowledge and assist you in finding your way around Baycrest
  • Provide support and reassurance during the move and beyond