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What do physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists are movement specialists. Passive and active movement is essential for the maintenance of physical health and emotional well-being. Aside from the obvious benefits of maintaining or improving strength, flexibility, and endurance, exercise can also improve circulation, metabolism and digestion. It can help ease muscle spasm and improve tone. It can help prevent joint and soft tissue contractures, blood clots and other circulatory problems. Movement is both enjoyable and rewarding, and is a major factor in quality of life.

What physiotherapy services are provided at Baycrest?

Physiotherapists at Baycrest may work with clients following an illness or accident in order to help achieve an optimum recovery, or with clients with chronic illness to help maintain function and prevent deterioration. Physiotherapists work closely with the client and client's family in the assessment and planning of an individualized program. Goals are set collaboratively, and must be realistic, measurable, and in most cases, time-limited.

Physiotherapy qualifications

Baycrest’s physiotherapists are registered with The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.