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About the Koschitzky Centre

The Koschitzky Centre for Innovations in Caregiving is a hub for innovation and dissemination of best practices in caregiving.
The Centre is a one-stop resource for teams and collaborates with Baycrest programs and community partners to develop comprehensive caregiver strategies. Working in partnership with family and paid caregivers, clinical experts, educators and researchers, the Centre accelerates the development of innovative solutions and effective resources and interventions.
Our work focuses on five main areas:

  • Coordination of strategy and supports - assist Baycrest partners in providing exceptional and comprehensive resources to caregivers
  • Research and innovation - be a catalyst for innovative, evidence-based solutions for caregivers and collaborate with others to further innovation in the sector
  • Training and capacity building - empower caregiver training, with a focus on education, health and wellness
  • Distribution and promotion - bring awareness, create and deliver sustainable solutions to support caregivers
  • Advocacy, policy & partnerships -  be a leader and influencer at caregiving planning and policy tables 

The Koschitzky Centre has created several webinars (online seminars) for caregivers. To view these webinars please, click here.

Please note that the Centre does not directly deliver clinical services

Koschitzky Centre

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