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Baycrest values

At Baycrest, our ethical framework is part of the fabric of our organization, guiding and reinforcing our company values in all our decisions and endeavours.

This helps us ensure we are operating always with compassion, advocacy, respect and excellence.

  • What is clinical and organizational ethics?
    Clinical and organizational ethics involve critical reflection on moral and ethical questions faced in healthcare settings.
  • What is the role of an ethicist?

    The ethicist’s role includes:

    • Providing consultation services
    • Conducting policy development and reviews
    • Coordinating education and research initiatives
  • What is an ethical issue?

    An issue has ethical components if you find yourself asking questions such as:

    • Am I trying to determine the right course of action?
    • Am I asking a “should” question?
    • Are values and beliefs involved?
    • Am I feeling uncomfortable?
  • How can ethics at Baycrest support you?

    Ethics can support you by:

    • Encouraging ethical decision making
    • Exploring ethical options
    • Providing conflict resolution and mediation
    • Enhancing the quality of client care
    • Ensuring your voice is heard
  • How to access ethics support
    Ethics consultation services are available by appointment.
  • Who can request an ethics consultation?

    Ethics consultations are open to:

    • Patients, residents or clients
    • Powers of attorney or substitute decision makers
    • Family members
    • Any Baycrest staff member
  • Ethics facilitators at Baycrest

    Under the guidance of Baycrest’s ethicist, fellow ethics facilitators come from disciplines such as:

    • Social Work
    • Spiritual Care
    • Nursing
  • What is the role of ethics facilitators?

    Ethics facilitator roles include:

    • Identifying ethical issues
    • Gathering supporting data
    • Liaising with ethicist
    • Helping provide a structure for ethical decision making
  • What is the purpose of the ethics forum?
    • To develop standards of ethical practice in all areas of clinical and organizational practice at Baycrest
    • To establish and review the ethical aspects of practice at Baycrest
    • To initiate and review ethical guidelines and policies for practice
    • To serve as consultants to the Baycrest community on specific cases