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Baycrest Academy integrates research and education excellence and is home to the Rotman Research Institute (RRI), one of the world’s most acclaimed research centres for the study of aging and brain health, and the Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging.
We have consistently been recognized as one of Canada's top research institutions for ten consecutive years, with leading expertise in critical areas including cognitive neuroscience, clinical care, adult education, and novel therapies to support healthy aging and cognitive function.
We are pleased to offer a variety of services to external partners wishing to leverage our subject matter expertise in:
Applied Research & Evaluation
Address real-world challenges with practical, evidence-based approaches.  We offer services in research and trial design, quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation, process improvement, innovation implementation, and project management.
Commercialization Support
We help clients bring new products, practices, and services to new markets.  With access to our broad network of clinical experts, researchers, patients, caregivers, and other subject matter experts - our commercialization services support research and development, marketing, business case development, and business development strategy.
We deliver clinical and non-clinical education to support the diverse health literacy needs of aging adults and those who serve them.  We pair our industry-leading knowledge and expertise with innovations in education, including simulation and gamified learning.
We support a range of external projects at any level of complexity, including research design and implementation, design thinking, expert opinions, grant applications, analysis and statistical consulting, knowledge mobilization, and dissemination.
Research Imaging
We are one of the leading institutions with a wide breadth of brain imaging power. Our research imaging facilities include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Electroencephalography (EEG), Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCs), Eye tracking, and Driving Simulation.
Licensing of Intellectual Property
Our clinical tools and publications support business objectives and healthcare capacity building initiatives.  We collaborate with industry partners in areas including healthcare, insurance, pharma, and healthtech to scale our impact nationally and abroad. 
If you would like to learn more about how Baycrest Academy can support your needs, please contact Michael Shaw, Manager of Business Development: