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Update on the 2022 Summer Student Program

The Rotman Research Institute (RRI) Summer Student Program is now accepting applications for summer 2022.

International students will be eligible to apply for the program this year. However, given the uncertainty around COVID-19, offers to international students will be conditional, contingent on government directives (e.g., travel and work visas) and may result in the withdrawal of the offer. Similarly, the Summer Student Program may be restricted to remote, work-from-home activity for all students, depending on the COVID-19 situation at program start. A modified version of our annual summer student curriculum may also be delivered as an online series.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, please note that further changes to offers and programming may be forthcoming.
In line with RRI equity, diversity and inclusivity principles, this year's applications will undergo a partial blinding process, whereby the name and e-mail fields in the application form will be hidden from the hiring scientists. However, if identifying information is included in your cover letter or other documents, this will not undergo blinding.

Should you have questions about the RRI Summer Student Program, please contact


Who is Eligible?

At the time of application, students must be in first, second, third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program. Students in medical school may also apply. Students registered in a Master’s or PhD program are not eligible for summer studentships. Please note that prospective students must be eligible to work in Canada.

Terms of Summer Program

  • Students will usually be expected to work full-time hours (35 hours per week).
  • Students will usually be expected to complete a full 12-week term.
  • Students will be paid a minimum of $6,300.00 for a three (3) month period.
  • Students will be required to work on a project assigned to them by their respective supervisors.

How to Apply

To apply, click on the “Create Application” link below. The following documents will be required in plain text format:

  • An up-to-date resume or CV, including permanent and sessional addresses and the name and contact information of two referees (academic preferred).
  • A cover letter which includes the area of research you are interested in and the Scientist(s) with whom you would like to work.
  • Current transcripts or grade reports (unofficial or ‘issued to student’ versions accepted). Note that applicants must copy and paste the text of the transcript into the provided application form – upload of a PDF is not available at this time.

Scientists’ research interests may be reviewed here.

Please note that there is no set deadline for application submission but we anticipate closing the online portal in mid-late February.

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