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Dr. Fergus Craik

Dr. Fergus Craik

Senior Scientist Emeritus

University Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Toronto

Research Focus

Cognitive Neuroscience Aging & Brain Health

I am now retired as a full-time researcher, so I no longer run an active lab but am still involved in a number of projects. My work over the last few decades has been in the areas of attention and memory, and how these abilities decline in the course of healthy aging. The findings are featured in a variety of journal articles and are now also published in a book in which I introduce and annotate a representative selection of previously published articles. At present, I am involved in a collaborative project with Drs. Buchsbaum and Moscovitch using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the effects of divided attention on memory encoding processes. I am also continuing collaborative work on bilingualism with Professor Ellen Bialystok (York University), who is an Adjunct Scientist at the Rotman Research Institute. Finally, I am engaged in several writing projects. One is a book on my views on remembering as an activity of mind and brain, currently under production at Oxford University Press, and another popular book on memory for the intelligent layperson to be published in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series. This book is to be written in collaboration with my friend and colleague Professor Larry Jacoby who recently retired from Washington University in St. Louis.

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