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Dr. Jennifer Ryan

Dr. Jennifer Ryan

Director of Scientific and Academic Affairs

Reva James Leeds Chair in Neuroscience and Research Leadership

Senior Scientist, Rotman Research Institute

Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

Professor, Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Research Focus


The central focus of my research is to characterize the nature of memory systems, their resultant representations, and the influence of those representations on current cognitive processing.  My work examines memory and cognition in neurologically-intact younger and older adults and neuropsychological patients using behavioral paradigms, eyetracking, and neuroimaging (e.g., magnetoencephalography, functional magnetic resonance imaging).  Recently, my work has also focused on deficits in relational memory binding may be overcome through the increased use of neocortical learning mechanisms (e.g., anchoring information to existing knowledge or schemas; unitization). Altogether, research in my lab employs a converging-methodologies approach to outline the distinct neural systems, and their spatiotemporal dynamics, that support memory and cognition.