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April 27, 2022 Baycrest physicians are dedicated clinicians, educators and researchers who provide exceptional client- and family-centred care across our campus in the Hospital, Apotex, Terraces, outpatient clinics and in the community. They work with compassion, dedication and steadfast commitment to the care of our patients, residents and their families.
Providing Exemplary Care
With a focus on continuous quality improvement, these committed physicians advocate for their patients while innovating new practices as they work to find better ways of delivering healthcare. These dedicated clinicians specialize in the care of an aging population with increasingly complex healthcare needs. They address the medical, functional and social elements of a person’s life through a comprehensive approach to assess the body, mind and spirit of an older individual in order to generate a personalized treatment plan that best meets their needs. They strive to achieve exemplary client- and family-centred care through working closely with the exceptional interprofessional team at Baycrest.
Medical Education
Baycrest physicians contribute to the education and clinical training of the next generation of physicians and other healthcare professionals teaching them how to care for frail, complex older adults, and those at the end of life while providing holistic and comprehensive care. These doctors teach medical students and family medicine residents, as well as residents specializing in geriatric medicine, psychiatry and neurology. At Baycrest, medical education also extends beyond our walls provincially, nationally and internationally through our virtual ECHO education program, Geriatric Medicine Rounds, International Behavioural Neurology Rounds and Geriatric Psychiatry Rounds. In addition, many of our physicians are invited speakers at conferences and rounds both locally and globally.
Research and Innovation
Physician-scientists and innovators at Baycrest help to bridge research with clinical care as they seek to understand healthcare gaps and challenges. Through research and innovation, they identify solutions that can be implemented in clinical practice at Baycrest and beyond. They work alongside our highly skilled, multidisciplinary staff in developing new treatment and preventive interventions, educational approaches and models of care to optimize the health and well-being of older adults and those with dementia.
The contributions of our physicians to the well-being of our patients and residents are profound and deeply appreciated. Below are just a few of the many notes of gratitude received by our Medical Affairs Department, which provides vital, world-leading care to patients and residents at Baycrest every day.
“With special thanks for all the help, considerate care and ongoing support in diagnosing and treating my memory health issues. It is very much appreciated.” 
“Thank you for the expert and compassionate care of my father.”
“The help you have provided us with has proven to be immeasurable and is most greatly appreciated. You are our support in enabling us to navigate through our most recent unfolding difficulties. With gratitude.”
“Once again, I'm thanking you for your expert guidance. I would not be in a good place without your continued and compassionate care.”
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