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The Donald and Elaine Rafelman Creative Arts Studio is a bright and cheerful space dedicated to the creation of art. Located next to the Winter Garden Atrium, the atmosphere within the studio is warm and welcoming. Music fills the space, along with the sounds of merriment.
The Creative Arts team offers a variety of arts programming to Baycrest residents and patients via a mobile art cart that regularly visits both the Apotex and Hospital, as well as group programs in our Creative Arts Studio.
The art programs at Baycrest challenge clients both physically and mentally. Any project can be accommodated to fit the individual client’s needs and level of ability. Through years of experience, the Creative Arts team has skillfully adapted techniques to suit the population at hand, countering feelings of frustration with feelings of satisfaction and achievement.
The therapeutic value of arts programming is attributed to the holistic and healing power of art. The Creative Arts team works hard to accomplish specific goals including gentle physical therapy, as well as social, creative and mental stimulation. Arts programs foster a sense of purpose and meaning, enabling participants to draw on their creativity and bolster self-esteem. When clients are engrossed in their work, they often forget their pains and troubles and focus on what they can do. The finished art works leave them feeling proud of their accomplishments.
  • What programs are available in the Studio?
    Some of the projects that our clients work on include: beaded necklaces; embroidery and quilting; knitting, weaving and crochetting; watercolour painting; hand building with clay; ceramic painting and much more.

  • How to register for the programs
    Residents of Baycrest’s Apotex building and Baycrest Hospital can attend the programs in the Creative Arts Studio. Portering can be arranged for clients who can not get to and from the studio on their own.

    We love visitors. Please feel free to drop by the Creative Arts Studio when we are in session to watch a program in action. Please, introduce yourself to the staff and we will be glad to direct you on how to enroll in a class.

    Baycrest Terraces has an art centre open to the community. Please call 416-785-9500 ext 2939 for more information.

    Baycrest Parkland and Oceanside clubs also have Art Programs for their clients.
  • What happens to the finished art?

    Family members love to receive the beautiful masterpieces created by their parents, grandparents, and relatives here at Baycrest. Most of the art produced is purchased by the client for a very low price, to cover the cost of goods. If they do not want to buy their finished work, we sell it in The Creative Arts Store, with all proceeds going back to the studio to pay for art supplies. This way our clients can continue to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our art programs, without any cost.

    The client does not have to pay for the “all occasion greeting cards” or any art from our watercolour programs.
  • Where is the Creative Arts Studio located?
    We are on the main floor of the Apotex building, in the Winter Garden Atrium across from the WA Café.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do I need to be artistic?

    No! Anyone in Apotex or Baycrest Hospital can join regardless of previous experience or talent.

    The participants acquire new, easy-to-learn skills and have great fun at the same time. The techniques we use, lead the clients in a simple step-by-step process suitable for our specific client population. The projects are modified to challenge and yet not frustrate the “budding artist”. We accommodate all willing clients with differing abilities and impairment levels.

    One resident said, “I never did any art before I moved into Baycrest. But now if you took away my painting and ceramics, I would just fade away.”

    Another client says, “I wasn’t expecting anything great when I started – I couldn’t even draw a straight line. But, I love what I am doing and I have become an artist”. This client discovered her “true love is painting”. She paints silk scarves and greeting cards.

  • Q. What sort of art is done in the Creative Arts Studio?
    • Beaded necklaces.
    • Embroidery and Quilting.
    • Knitting, Weaving and Crochetting
    • Tie-dyed silk scarves
    • Hand painted silk challah covers and floral scarves
    • Hand building with clay: Vases, bowls, platters, matzah boxes, planters, etc.
    • Ceramic painting of the hand-built pottery.
    • Various pre-cast ceramic animals banks and of course, piggy banks.
    • Hand painted cards for birthday, anniversary, weddings, new home…and 100 others.
    • Watercolour paintings
    • Special Projects such as our Wednesday afternoon knitting club, Mitzvah Knitters, Puppets for Peace, and the Mosaic Menorah project.
  • Q. Why is it healthy to attend programs in the Creative Arts Studio?
    Wellbeing is more than the absence of disease. A more holistic approach to good health taps into the strengths and preserved abilities of the person and stimulates the individual’s natural abilities. We work hard to accomplish specific goals including gentle physical activation, as well as social, creative and mental stimulation. One of the most important aspects is that creating meaningful projects with a high rate of success invokes a sense of accomplishment and purpose and therefore improves the quality of life of each participant. When our clients get involved in activities in the studio, they are creating something that is really unique to them. They feel like they are engaged in life and doing something purposeful.
  • Q. Who can attend the programs in the Donald and Elaine Rafelman studio?
    Residents of Baycrest’s Apotex building and Baycrest Hospital can attend the programs in the Creative Arts Studio.

    The Baycrest Terraces (416-785-2500 ext 2939) has their own art centre open to the community.

    Baycrest Parkland/ Oceanside Day Centre also have Art Programs for their clients.
  • Q. Can I donate my old art supplies, fabric, wool, trims, etc?
    Donations are always welcome. Please speak to the creative arts staff if you are interested in making a donation.

Art created in the Studio is available for purchase at the Creative Arts Studio Store.