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Learning the Ropes for Living with MCIR is a program focused on optimizing cognitive health through lifestyle choices, memory training, and psychosocial support. It is aimed at older adults and their close family members/friends, who are living in the community, and are experiencing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). MCI refers to cognitive decline, commonly involving memory that is greater than expected for age, but does not markedly compromise independence in carrying out daily responsibilities.

Program Content Includes:

  • Education about MCI and lifestyle factors for promoting cognitive health and reducing risk of dementia;
  • Memory training involving practical strategies aimed at improving everyday remembering, such as memory for names, appointments, location of items, and things to do,
  • Family support focused on discovering approaches for effectively living with a relative experiencing MCI.

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Referral by a healthcare professional is required. Clients age 50 years and older are welcome. Clients must be functionally independent (i.e., no dementia), have a memory complaint consistent with MCI, and be available and interested in participating in a virtual or in-person group program with 7 weekly sessions.


There is a charge of $150 to participate in the 7 session program. This fee covers participation for our clients with MCI, their participating family member or friend, and one hardcopy of the program workbook. It is highly recommended that participating friends and family members purchase an additional copy of the workbook for $20 at the time of registration. Private health insurance plans may cover the program participation fee. The program does not turn away anyone who is unable to pay the program fee.

How to refer

Referrals are accepted from healthcare professionals at Baycrest and from the community. Community referrals must be made on our referral form, available below. Please attach any relevant clinical information (e.g., cognitive screening scores) or consultation reports (e.g., neurology, neuropsychology).

Download the Referral Form for Learning the Ropes
  Living with Mild Cognitive ImpairmentLiving with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Guide to Maximizing Brain Health and Reducing Risk of Dementia is the first comprehensive book to be published on Mild Cognitive Impairment or MCI.

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Resources for Program Facilitators

  • Description of Program Materials
    The Learning the Ropes for Living with MCI® kit contains everything a qualified facilitator needs to deliver the program, including a facilitator manual, a family facilitator manual (family sessions), memory scenario cards, and 16 participant workbooks. Additional participant workbooks can be separately ordered by purchasers of the kit. One copy of the participant workbook is required for each participant in Learning the Ropes, this includes any participating family members.
    • Facilitator Manual
      • The facilitator manual includes detailed process and background information, session-by session content, and instructions for evaluating immediate program outcomes.
    • Family Facilitator Manual
      • The Family facilitator manual is for the separately run family intervention sessions. The manual contains detailed process and background information and session-by-session content focused on the needs of family members.
    • Participant workbooks
      • Participant workbooks include information about MCI, the influence of lifestyle factors (e.g.,eating habits and recreation) on memory health, detailed instruction on practical memory strategies and their application, in-class exercises, and take-home exercises designed to improve everyday memory behaviours and promote positive lifestyle choices. 
    Kits are available to licensed health care providers. The complete kit costs $600, plus shipping and handling. Additional participant workbooks are available at a cost of $20, plus shipping and handling. Quantity discounts are available.
  • Supplementary Materials
  • Facilitator Training
    Learning the Ropes: Train-the-Trainer
    Next date: September 22, 2023. More details coming soon.
    For more information, visit:
  • Purchase Products and Services
    Please see the Baycrest e-Store webpage for purchasing program materials and future train-the-trainer workshop offerings.