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Baycrest Ambulatory Care Central Navigation

Central Navigation is a single point of access for Ambulatory Services at Baycrest. This service is supported by a team of Clinical Navigators, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Registered Nurses and Administrative Staff.
Central Navigation follows a no-wrong-door approach; helping community agencies, primary care providers and other health care providers to navigate Ambulatory Services at Baycrest. Each referred case is independently assessed by the Central Navigation team to identify the most appropriate services, recognize any duplication in services and to categorize cases requiring prioritization.  Central Navigation can also help support connections to services and supports locally for clients before their scheduled time with a Baycrest service.
Central Navigation can provide access to the following services:  
Community Outreach: 

  • Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service (GPCS)  
  • Integrated Community Care Team (ICCT) 
  • The Interprofessional Primary Care Team (IPCT) 
On Campus: 
  • Ambulatory Mental Health (AMH)  
  • Fall Prevention Program  
  • Geriatric Assessment Clinic (GAC) 
  • Psychiatric Day Hospital (PDH)  
  • Saul and Rae Saltzman Day Treatment Centre (DTC) 
  • The Sam and Ida Ross Memory clinic 
Baycrest is part of the Ocean network, Ontario's leading platform for referral management.

Why choose Ocean?

Ocean offers a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for healthcare practitioners throughout Ontario, including physicians and nurse practitioners, to electronically submit referrals for a range of services. To learn more about Baycrest services on the Ocean network Click Here.
Referring to our services is simple. Many of our Ambulatory Care Services patients require a referral form to be completed by a physician or nurse practitioner. The referral forms can be completed in two ways via Ocean network or by paper referral which can be faxed. Click here for the paper referral form.
The following Baycrest services are currently accepting patients. Please use the below forms if seeking a referral.