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The Multifactorial Memory Questionnaire (MMQ) is a self-report questionnaire for clinicians and researchers to use for assessing metamemory in middle-aged and older adults. Three scales measure satisfaction with memory functioning, self-appraisal of memory ability, and self-reported use of memory strategies.

The original validation of the MMQ was published in 2002. Since then, the MMQ has been translated into several languages and used in numerous clinical and experimental research studies. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of the MMQ provides evidence for the reliability, validity, and responsiveness of the MMQ across diverse populations and settings.



Health professionals, researchers, and students may use the MMQ test forms without permission for noncommercial clinical, research, and educational purposes. Forms must be purchased from Baycrest if used or funded by pharmaceutical or commercial entities.

Permission is required to translate the MMQ into another language or to alter the MMQ in any way.

Any publications that arise from using a version of the MMQ must cite the original source article:

Troyer, A. K., & Rich, J. B. (2002). Psychometric properties of a new metamemory questionnaire for older adults. Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 57(1), 19-27.

Publications must also cite any additional source articles listed on the specific translation that is used.

MMQ Materials

The professional manual and test forms can be downloaded from this page. Scoring keys are provided in the professional manual.



* Two items from the Strategy subscale that pertained to letters of the alphabet were removed from the Chinese version.

Commonly Accessed Forms

For enquiries, or to purchase the MMQ, please use the contact form below.