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The Ronald & Nancy Kalifer Culture Hub provides a dedicated, curated and welcoming space to display Baycrest’s stunning and extensive art collection, host external exhibitions, and offer programming for Baycrest’s clients.

The Culture Hub is located on the ground floor of the Apotex building, across from the WA café. In this art gallery-like atmosphere, the space will be transformed with rotating, curated exhibitions throughout the year. It is an area meant to engage the Baycrest community in conversations, stimulate interest and spark dialogue.

Included in the Culture Hub is a warm, inviting and accessible seating area where residents, their families & companions can gather, laugh, muse and dream while feeling inspired and surrounded by pieces from Baycrest’s renowned art collection.

For more information or to book a tour of the current exhibition please contact the Curator of The Culture Hub, Meghan Richardson at

Current Exhibition

Baycrest is thrilled to host this collaboration exhibition of photographs and contemporary artwork.  The WOMEN+ exhibition draws from the extensive collection of the Ontario Jewish Archives and curated contemporary artwork intended to honour and celebrate Jewish women in the arts, throughout history and today.  

This vivid display of extraordinary talent illustrates the diversity not only of mediums of artistic expression such as painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper and jewelry, but also reflects the unique perspectives of Jewish women artists.   Themes uncovered in this exhibition range from Jewish traditions, religious and celebrations, to reflecting on motherhood and documenting the memory of time spent with family and loved ones, abstract compositions and materials influenced from travel, and more.

Featuring Contemporary Artists Rosalie Sharp, Pedie Wolfond, Gina Godfrey, Ina Gilbert, Samantha Goldman, Rachael Grad, Rochelle Rubinstein, Melanie Siegel, and Kim Smiley.

The exhibition is now on view at The Ronald and Nancy Kalifer Culture Hub at Baycrest until fall 2023.
Contact: Meghan Richardson,
Gina Godfrey, “The Chupah”, 2022
Rosalie Sharp, “Schism”, 2022
Kim Smiley, “Sophie Earrings”
Pedie Wolfond, “Memories of Monaco”, 2015 of Monaco”, 2015

Past Exhibitions

SHA'AR: Song of the Gate:
Facing North:

Frequently Asked Questions

To donate to the permanent art collection, contact our Arts Project Coordinator, Meghan Richardson, at 416-785-2500, ext. 5538 or email

You will be asked to forward digital images of the art piece, along with a description of the art and what you know about its history. You may send this information via email. Our art committee will review the images and if it meets our criteria, we will coordinate with you for the art to be brought in. This process may take from 2-4 weeks.

Gifts-in-kind are recognized by Baycrest at their appraised value, and tax receipts are issued. Outside appraisals, at the donor’s expense, are required for proposed donations whose value exceeds $1,000.

Please note that we cannot accept every art donation we are offered.

Donors requesting tax receipts for donated artifacts must provide a formal appraisal, conducted by an independent third party, at their own expense. Following the appraisal, the museum coordinator will work with the Accounting Office, informing them of the donation and its value and requesting a tax receipt. The receipt will then be sent to the donor.

Monetary donations in support of the Department of Culture, Arts & Innovation or to our Museum can be made through the Baycrest Foundation. Please indicate that you would like to direct your funds to the Morris & Sally Justein Heritage Museum. Donations can be made online, by phone or mail. Click here for details.