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Patients are referred to the Memory Clinic due to:

  • changes in memory
  • problems with language
  • changes in behaviour

Our services

Memory and other cognitive changes may occur as a result of normal aging, or may be due to a number of different medical or emotional problems. We can help determine whether or not there is a problem and what can be done to help. Our patients are seen by a team of specialists depending on their needs.

To find out more about our services, please read:

  • Information for Clients
  • Information for Physicians
  • Helpful resources
  • About the Memory Clinic

The Sam and Ida Ross Memory Clinic provides expert evidence-based care and access to a wide range of specialists. All clients will be seen by a physician and registered nurse. In addition, depending on the individual’s need, a referral may be made to a neuropsychologist, social worker or speech language pathologist.

Virtual assessment and follow-up care appointments are offered from the comfort of your own home. Please click here to find out more about preparing for your virtual care appointments at Baycrest

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