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Services of the Behavioural Support for Seniors Program

As lead for the project, Baycrest is working together with many community partners, and bringing together all parts of the system involved in caring for seniors with behavioural challenges. The goal of the Behavioural Support for Seniors Program is to collaboratively implement Behavioural Supports Action Plan within the Toronto Central LHIN’s catchment area.

For healthcare professionals: Overview

The Behavioural Support for Seniors Program is comprised of the following

Transitional Behavioural Support Unit (T BSU)

Located at Baycrest, this 23-bed, specialized transitional unit provides support for individuals whose behaviours have become unmanageable in their current setting. The client’s behaviours are stabilized until they are able to be returned to their home. Eligibility is determined by the Home and Community Care Support Services – Toronto Central. The average length of stay is four months.

For healthcare professionals:
T-BSU Fact Sheet

Community Behavioural Support Outreach Team (C BSOT)

A community-based outreach team enabling inter-agency collaboration with community partners to deliver a continuum of care, caregiver support and skills training. Three specialized clinicians with behavioural support expertise work with the Home and Community Care Support Services – Toronto Central and other community partners.

Referral form

Families and caregivers
Information sheet

Healthcare provider and community partners
Information sheet

Long-Term Care Behavioural Support Outreach Team

A specialized team comprised of registered nurses and personal support workers helping seniors with unmanageable behaviours who are living in long-term care homes. By modelling different a approaches and techniques for interacting and caring for older residents, the goal for this team is to work with staff in all long-term care homes to build behavioural support models. The LTC BSOT responds to case-by-case requests from Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Teams, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants and long-term care homes.

Fact sheet
Referral form

Geriatric Addiction Specialist for LTC

The Geriatric Addiction Specialist works within the behaviour supports programs at Baycrest and provides consultative support for LTC homes in the TC LHIN, as well as for those teams who are supporting a client's transition from community to LTC. The Geriatric Addiction Specialist also runs groups for nicotine dependence and other substance use disorders (with a minimum of 5 participants) within LTC homes. 

Referrals can be sent to the Behaviour Supports Coordinating Office at:
Fax: 647-788-4883
Tel: 416-785-2500, ext. 2005 or toll-free at 1-844-785-2500.

Crisis Mobile Service Enhancement

An expanded mobile crisis team, provided throughout the TC LHIN by Woodgreen Community Services, to ensure older adults receive the support they need.

To access the Crisis Outreach Service for Seniors (COSS), please call the Toronto Seniors Helpline (TSH) at 416 217 2077. Website:

Education and Training Consortium

A wide range of integrated and coordinated education and training to enhance knowledge and expertise of caregivers, primary care practitioners, long-term care staff, community health service providers and acute care personnel. The consortium is comprised of Baycrest, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research, and Innovation in Long-Term Care,  Alzheimer Society Toronto, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultation Program, Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, and Woodgreen Community Services.

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