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Clinical trials at Baycrest will evaluate the effectiveness of emerging treatments for the treatment and prevention of dementia.

Baycrest’s Clinical Trials Unit is unique since it evaluates:
  • drug and non-drug therapies
  • treatment and prevention of dementia
  • welcomes participants who are 50+ year old

Why should I join a clinical trial?

  • Gain exclusive access to new, emerging treatments
  • Potentially improve your symptoms
  • Contribute to science and the development of future interventions

  1. Contact Baycrest’s Clinical Trials Unit
    Our administrative assistant will help book an initial health assessment with our staff.
    Note, research studies typically require multiple visits to Baycrest.
    Costs associated with participation can be covered.

  1. Connect with our staff for a screening appointment
    Screening appointments will include:
    • A neurological exam and cognitive screening*
    • Discussion about memory concerns
    • Collection of your medical history
    * Any health findings can be reported to your family doctor.

  1. Discuss your eligibility for active studies
    Each clinical trial has specific criteria for recruitment.
    Staff of the Clinical Trial Unit can provide brief details about current studies.

  1. Book a follow-up appointment
    You will be provided details about the study by the research team.
    This will include:
    • Expectations and protocol
    • Time commitments
    • Risks and benefits
    Individuals or a power of attorney must provide written consent before entering a study. All studies must receive approval from the prior to recruitment.

  1. You are now enrolled in a clinical trial
    Your experience with the clinical trial, including any side effects or unexpected health events, should be reported to the study team. Research participants may choose to withdraw from a trial at any time.