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  • The Residents’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities (the “Bill”) has been initiated and prepared by the residents of the Terraces as a statement of intentions and philosophy and not as an outline of legal rights.
  • This Bill is subject to all general and specific laws applicable to the care of the residents in Terraces of Baycrest.
  • The Terraces has the primary purpose of providing shelter and support for the well being of each of its residents.
  • All activities conducted for the physical, psychosocial, spiritual, educational, and recreational needs of the residents will therefore recognize the unique dignity of each resident as a person with a past, present and future.

Residents’ Rights

Each Resident of the Terraces of Baycrest has the Right:

  1. To be sheltered, cared for and spoken to in a manner befitting one’s status as an adult and without the threat of any kind of abuse.
  2. To be involved whenever possible in decisions affecting one’s own life.
  3. To manage one’s own financial affairs. If unable to do so, one may authorize in writing a third party to administer one’s property and personal care.
  4. To exercise the rights of a citizen.
  5. To have available a mechanism to express one’s personal feelings, criticisms and grievances that will include access to the Director if desired, and that will exclude any fear of reprisal, discrimination or deprivation.
  6. To receive respectful and appropriate medical, nursing and psychosocial diagnostic assessment and treatment.
  7. To have one’s condition, care and treatment explained in language that is easily comprehensible to oneself, next of kin and/or a third interested party.
  8. To refuse medical treatment or medication, and to be informed of the medical and personal consequences of this refusal. This is to the extent that it will not interfere with the lives and safety of other residents as in the case of communicable diseases. In cases of refusal, the Terraces has a right to require the resident to sign a written waiver releasing the Terraces from liability.
  9. To receive rehabilitation, reactivation and assistance towards independence and self-care at the maximum level possible in comfort and dignity. This includes the provision of prosthetic and assistive devices within the limits of care and budgetary restrictions provided at the Terraces of Baycrest.
  10. To participate in activities that the Terraces and Wagman Centre have to offer and to be encouraged to creatively use one’s abilities and potential.
  11. To form friendships and to enjoy private loving relationships without hindrance.
  12. To know that one’s personal, financial, medical and other records are kept in confidence and are available only to those who are directly responsible for providing care; and to be assured that information will not be released to anyone else without one’s written permission, unless otherwise required by law or regulation.
  13. To send out mail or otherwise to communicate without any interference by the staff or management of the Terraces.
  14. To enjoy privacy in counselling, treatment or care for personal needs and private communication with one’s family, friends, lawyer, clergyman, government representative or any other person. Any person not directly concerned in one’s care and treatment must have one’s permission to be present. One must assert oneself when one feels that this right is being transgressed.
  15. To be supplied with a full course nutritious kosher (COR) meal each day.
  16. To be free of chemical restraints, except when ordered by a physician for a specified period of time to prevent injury to oneself or others.
  17. To have all research, surveys and polls in which one is asked to participate, adequately explained and to have freedom to refuse participation.
  18. To be able to bring into the Terraces of Baycrest, and to keep possessions, as space, safety and health requirements allow. Residents are responsible for insuring personal valuables and properties themselves.
  19. To expect all staff to have up-to-date knowledge about geriatrics and gerontology at a level commensurate with their job responsibilities.
  20. To have one’s beliefs and religious practices respected and to be assured that all meals served by the Terraces will comply with the regulations of Kashruth.
  21. To be assured that no staff person will enter one’s apartment without one’s presence, except in the case of a safety check or an emergency or with proper authorization in accordance with Terraces policy.
  22. To expect all staff to be informed of, and to respect the above rights.
  23. To be assured that each resident of the Terraces of Baycrest is given a copy of the Residents’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, at the time of move in.

Residents’ Responsibilities

Each Resident of the Terraces of Baycrest has the responsibility:

  1. To observe the rules and regulations of the Terraces.
  2. To treat one’s fellow residents, table companions and staff with courtesy, consideration and respect.
  3. To observe at all times the smoking regulations for one’s own protection and that of other residents and staff.
  4. To learn fire safety procedures and fire emergency procedures and to participate always and with promptness in fire and disaster drills.
  5. To use with care all Terraces equipment, linens and furnishings, just as if they were one’s own.
  6. To be considerate of other residents who may require more assistance, and more urgently than oneself. One cannot always be served first.
  7. To report promptly anything one feels needs attention such as safety hazards, security or anything one feels is not right.
  8. To leave word in accordance with the Terraces policy when one goes out overnight. This is for one’s own benefit and safety.
  9. To keep one’s apartment in a state of reasonable cleanliness.
  10. To participate in certain communal aspects of life at Terraces of Baycrest, including attending floor meetings and participating in the safety check system.
  11. To participate in as many Terraces and Wagman Centre activities as possible. They are planned for the benefit of all. Remember that a busy person is generally a happy person and to keep active and interested in what goes on is a way to slow down the aging process. Keep mind and body active.


This Bill was created in November 1989 and has been revised and endorsed by the Terraces of Baycrest Residents’ Council in their meeting held on August 23, 2005.