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Auditory (Hearing) Rehabilitation

Auditory Rehabilitation offers strategies to help with communication and hearing. People with or without hearing aids can benefit from auditory rehabilitation. It helps the listener sharpen their communication skills, focusing on:
  • Using visual cues for clues to what the speaker is saying (facial expressions, gestures)
  • Lip reading
  • Listening and comprehension skills
  • Auditory memory
  • Attention and focus

Read Our Lips
An 8-lesson online course on lip reading offered by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association. Feel more confident about communicating in challenging listening environments and more connected to people and the world around you

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LACE is an online auditory training program, designed to strengthen listening and comprehension skills. It focuses on practicing understanding speech in noise, rapid speech, multiple talkers and auditory memory

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Amptify is a website or app that offers training exercises for your auditory system. Amptify's clinically validated games are fun, easy, and engaging while training auditory and cognitive skills that help participants engage in conversation with more confidence.
While we highly recommend the exercises on this website, you may see references to US legislation and products that may not be applicable in Canada

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