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The Research Training Centre (RTC)’s internships offer an opportunity for trainees to gain the transferable skills required to be successful either in academia or in other vocational sectors like industry or government.

RTC Soupcoff Internship Program

The objectives of the RTC internship program are to expose research trainees (graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) to diverse vocational domains; allow them to reframe, adapt, and leverage their existing skills; expand their network connections; and provide them with additional work experience.

The Mynne & Harold Soupcoff Internship is an 8-12 week internship, whereby research trainees are employed on a full-time basis (35 hours/week) at a partner organization. Trainee stipends are paid in full by Baycrest during the course of the internship through a donor endowment fund.

RRI Summer Student Program

The RRI Summer Student Program is a 12-week, paid research internship for undergraduate students to work in the laboratory of an RRI scientist.

Key objectives for the program include:
  • Providing hands-on research experience to undergraduates
  • Providing educational and career mentorship in cognitive neuroscience research
  • Expanding trainee research capacity at the RRI

Learn more about how to apply to the RRI Summer Student Program here.