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The Oneg Shabbat and Shalom programs occur on alternating Fridays for Hospital patients. The Oneg Shabbat program is on a smaller scale and takes place in the Recreation area of the 7th floor of the Hospital. The Shalom program is held in the Wortsman Hall on the main floor. Both programs welcome family members to attend and participate. Each program encourages the clients to participate. This is done by having clients take part in readings, saying prayers and lighting candles. The Shalom program includes an entertainer. Tea, coffee and cookies are served, with special provisions for those on food precautions. In the Apotex, Shabbat programs feature our Baycrest rabbis and visiting community cantors.

A weekly Kabbalat Shabbat Service takes place in the Winter Garden Court. This program was designed to meet the spiritual and religious needs of all our Jewish clients in the Apotex, but also includes centre-wide participation from clients living in the Apotex, Hospital, the Terraces, 2 Neptune and several people from our community. Different community cantors take turns leading these services.

All religious leaders are provided with guidelines and strategies with the expectation that they provide an engaging and interactive service to enhance our clients’ spiritual experiences.

Shabbat Services

On Saturdays, traditional (Orthodox) Shabbat services take place in our main centre synagogue with an average weekly attendance of approximately 50 people.
At the Terraces in the Beth Chaverim Synagogue, there is a weekly Liberal (Reform) Friday night service and a Saturday morning service twice per month that is led by either one of our Rabbis or volunteer leaders. The Beth Abraham Jacob Synagogue, in the Terraces, continues with evening and Shabbat services that are supported by the community.

Havdalah Services are planned usually starting in November and concluding in March, dependent on Daylight Savings time. These occur once a month and several community synagogues, including Adath Israel, Beth David and Shaarei Shomayim, are involved. Parents, children and residents gather together to share the Havdalah blessings, sing songs, and sometimes even engage in craftwork together in the creative arts studio (which opens specifically to promote an intergenerational experience). Havdalah services were introduced at the Terraces last year with much positive feedback from the residents.