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The goal of the Behavioural Consultation service is to improve the ability of Baycrest teams to manage responsive behaviours associated with cognitive impairment through non-pharmacological means, and ultimately to improve the quality of service provided to clients.

The Behavioural Neurology Unit provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and short term management of adults with neurological disorders and other problems with cognition and behaviour. Behavioural consultation services are provided by the psychologist who functions as a member of the unit’s clinical team.

Within these teams, behavioural consultation services include:

  1. Neuropsychological screening evaluations to assess the client’s cognitive functioning
  2. Formulation of behaviour modification plans, in conjunction with the clinical team, using environmental and behavioural interventions that are informed by the client’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and personal history
  3. Consultation regarding unit admission procedures and processes towards achieving and evaluating program goals.