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Assistive Listening Devices can help you and your loved ones…

  • During face-to-face communication
  • For TV, radio, and other entertainment
  • Communicate on the telephone
  • Be more aware of environmental sounds and alarms

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) refer to various types of amplification equipment designed to improve communication for persons with hearing loss in specific listening situations. They may be used in addition to or in place of hearing aids.
Some examples of ALDs:

  • Personal Sound Amplifiers
  • Amplified Phones (Click here for more information)
  • TV devices
  • Alarm Clocks, and door chimes
assisted listening devices

Bluetooth accessories:

Wireless technology enables direct communication between Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids and external devices such as cell phones, computers, TV and entertainment devices and remote microphones. A remote microphone worn by a speaker transmits their voice directly to the listener’s hearing aids, allowing the speaker to be heard more easily in challenging listening environments.   

blue tooth accessories

Baycrest Hearing Services offers a variety of ALDs and Bluetooth accessories. Our audiologists can help you select the ones that will work best for you and instruct you on how to use them.

Contact us at 416-785-2476 or  for more information.