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What is an on-call chaplain?

The Spiritual Care Department office hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and may be reached at 416-785-2500, ext. 3743. You may also contact the staff chaplain assigned to the particular floor in the Hospital or Apotex Centre directly.  For emergencies and urgent matters, a chaplain may be paged 24/7 when not formally on duty by asking the Baycrest operator to page the chaplain on call.

The chaplains at Baycrest provide spiritual care services for all clients, regardless of faith, tradition or social/religious background. Referral for spiritual care services may be made on behalf of a client by any member of the client’s circle of care.

Contact the chaplain when…

  • On admission, for all seriously or terminally ill patients
  • Patient or family requests religious presence, pastoral or sacramental rites
  • Patient or family indicates strong religious affiliation with any faith group
  • Religious concerns or questions voiced by patient, family or staff, whether or not any religious affiliation is noted
  • Crisis, trauma, diagnosis or illness, where medical science is not likely to provide cure or consolation
  • Occasions where religious traditions or teachings would help staff to understand and care for the patient and family more compassionately
  • Occasions where there is confusion or disagreement with patients and families because of the nature of religious beliefs or practices
  • Ethical consultations with patients, families and staff from a theological perspective
  • Wherever there is an opportunity for incorporation of spiritual counsel into the healing process
  • Issues dealing with end-of-life concerns
  • When family members/loved ones of patient are experiencing emotional distress
  • In any instance when staff feel that religious influence is being brought to bear upon the patient or family from an unsolicited source

Staff may wish to contact a chaplain for…

  • Stressful work issues
  • Personal issues possibly affecting oneself in the work environment
  • Emergency code situations
  • Professional grief

Who should contact the chaplain?

  • Patients
  • Family
  • Staff (self or patient referral)
Chaplains are professionally trained to respond to spiritual needs relating to issues of trust, faith, hope, love, the meaning of life, forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as being proactive when the need for religious ritual is requested. Whatever a person’s spiritual need, a chaplain supports that person in drawing from his/her own resources of spiritual strength in order to cope with the current circumstances. Chaplains are also called upon to minister to staff regarding challenging work issues as well as varied personal matters.

During business hours
During regular business hours, call the Spiritual Care Department at 416-785-2500, ext. 3743 or through Locating at the Information Desk where they can page the chaplain.

After hours
Chaplains at Baycrest take turns providing 24/7 emergency support through an on-call rotation for urgent matters or an emergency situation. You may page the on-call chaplain at 416-379-0988.

Weekends and holy days
For weekends and holy days, in an emergency situation or for an urgent matter, please page the on-call chaplain at 416-379-0988.