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Our audiologists offer individualized hearing aid orientation, counselling and education to people with hearing loss and their loved ones and caregivers, as well as group counselling.

Individual Counselling

We offer one-on-one hearing rehabilitation with an audiologist to find the best strategies to enhance communication abilities. Individual sessions include education about communication strategies, environmental strategies, and assertiveness training. We also offer educational videos for hearing aid management.

Group Hearing Rehabilitation

New Users Group
The audiologists offer a ‘New Hearing Aid Users’ group to support those who have recently been fitted with hearing aids. Recognizing that hearing aids are unable to ‘fix’ all communication challenges, these group sessions address other strategies for coping with hearing loss as well as helping new users to get the most out of their hearing aids.

This group is offered at no charge to all clients recently fitted with hearing aids in our clinic. For those who purchased their hearing aids elsewhere, the charge for the 4 sessions is $40.00.

Contact us at 416 785 2476 or for more information. Download our rehab flyer here.